My Business Card

  • Post your Business Card online.
  • Target new customers.
  • People are searching for your Business Card
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Insert People Cards

  • Insert people business cards electronically.
  • Save them and brows them fast.
  • No need to carry hard copy of your contacts.
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My Wallet

  • Create your own electronic wallet.
  • Save people Business Cards that you need.
  • No more hard Copy.
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Business Cards Finder

  • Search for people by their Business Cards.
  • Global Reach- Fast Flexible Business Communications
  • Find your business partner easily
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Business Cards Info mission

  • To introduce your business to the world by posting your Business Card Online.
  • To save all business cards you need in your electronic wallet.
  • To find all business cards you need to establish your communications.
  • Searching for unlimited business cards by using keyword and interactive maps.